Monday, 2 March 2015

Day 2 - The Car, the drive home....the blood lost!

Not as bad as the title sounds!

Today was another day of meeting people as well as attending some of the first asset meetings, namely daily field call and monthly production review.

No hassles, but amazing how here they have all the same problems we had in the UK,, bed busts, chopper shortages, planning conflicts etc. etc. Will have to get a bit more into things to understand exactly see what underlying problems are and how can potentially tweak to improve/fix.

Today also took receipt of my company car and company phone.

The phone is a pretty naff Nokia Asha 303, but it is fine at the moment, and will probably get my own phone and swap the SIM over.

After work, went with the Government Affair guy in the office to one of the Qatar Government Facilities to get the first stage of the residency process completed. This included blood test, chest X-ray. Wait for the next part tomorrow which is I believe Blood Grouping and Iris Scanning. Find out tomorrow, The medical facility was run like a military machine, all lined up in batches to get the blood taken, the guy was stamping the paper work while taking the blood. I suppose doing a couple of thousand people a day you would get pretty good at it.

After the medical piece, took a taxi back to the office to pick-up the company car and have the first drive home in the wacky races! For tose who don't remember them here is the intro;

The car is like a bus, well, compared to what I'm use to any. It is as new with about 3000km on the clock, white, seven seater V6 petrol auto.

The first challenge was finding the car in the underground car park, walked round in circles, then spotted it alone in the distance. Getting it out of the car park was hte next hurdle, pulled up to an exit barrier, but it didn't open. tooted the horn to see if security had to open it, but they came out and said these were not in operation and had to go the other way.

The drive was entertaining to say the least, rather than a optimised route home, ended up more in a zig zig pattern across Doha as me and the neighour tried to navigate our way back for the first time while getting caught in wrong lanes and traffic jams etc. Ended up on the right road eventually, still not sure how, but we wont worry about that, the thing is we did get home.

Then it came to parking this thing. Popped into the reception of the apartment to find out which was my allocated space, and it couldn't have been more awkward if they had tried. Up against a wall along a narrow dead end path. Ended up coming out again, turning and then reversing back up the path and into the space. It is in its space, unmarked and that is all that matters!

That's all for today, having a quiet night in, so car photos below and until the net time;

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