First Day At Work

Today marked the official start date.

I had previously arranged transport via the relocation company to pick me up at 8am to be at the office for 9am. Traffic can be a bit hit and miss, but today it was generally quiet and took only 15 minutes to get there.

Went for a wonder round to kill some time, but in the end went into the office about 8.30.

Rocking up to reception, signed in and received a visitor pass and was escorted by security up to the department secretary on the 17th floor who was the initial point of contact.

She showed me to a temporary desk and then gave me a quick rundown on the building fire instructions, showed me the tea room and toilet facilities on that level and then left me to sort out my email etc. and wait for my new boss to come out from a meeting. I was also told I had an HR onboarding meeting at 10am down on 13th Floor.

By 10am, my boss was still busy, so I just headed off down for the meeting with HR. There were 3 of us who we new that day, and we were give a welcome manbag with notebook/pen and were promised water bottles once they were back in stock. Taken through some of the basics regarding policy, security, IT systems relating to HR etc. This was followed by being taken up to the Government Relations team to hand over our passports so they could initiate the residency process close-out.

Following this, we were each given the latest copy of Marhaba, which is Qatar's premier guide, then let loose on our way.

Returned by to my desk and met my new boss and had a chat with him and then continued with some initial HR stuff relating to letter requests for bank accounts and school applications etc.

I also continued to sort out my email which had quite a few messages accumulated since the account was created and me actually arriving, and certainly gave me a flavour of what was going on offshore from a safety perspective.

The boss also started to work a schedule relating to the various department leads and teams to meet over the coming days, as well as some up and coming meetings which would be good to attend to get some more early insight into what is going on.

I also received an email to attend the medical screening for the residency permit at one of the government facilities, so that is planned for tomorrow afternoon.

Spot of lunch in the canteen was also had, so at least know how that all ticks.

Before I knew it, day one was over and our driver dropped us back at the apartment block.

Tonight my neighbour and I took a wonder up the road to catch a bite to eat, came across a TGI Fridays on the C-Ring road, so popped in there. Was interested to see how it would compare to the UK and also to the one I had visited in Paphos, Cyprus last year. Had a very good steak with Tennessee Sauce (no mention of Jack Daniel's Sauce over here!), Staff were very friendly and price wise, I would have it said it was probably slightly cheaper than equivalent TGI's in Aberdeen. The place was certainly a lot better than the one in Paphos and probably on par with other in the UK I have been to. Only difference of course was no alcohol on these premises, but didn't really make a difference, just something you have to get use to over here.
Not sure if this is a relatively new TGIF outlet, as it doesn't appear on there official website or on google maps yet.

Overall, a good first day I think!


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