First 24 hours solo!

Having arrived offshore on the 15th I had one of the OCMs leading the way on the first day and then on the 16th my new back to back came out for a day just to share any other insights into the operation. He went off yesterday and left me to it.

Safe to say made it through the first solo 24 hours without wanting to call it quits, so things must be going alright.

As expected the usual teething problems exist, i.e. Account permissions on various systems need tweaking, remembering the meeting schedule, remembering what time meal breaks are etc. and then there is the Cisco video conferencing system and how to use it.

It helps that the supervisors know what they are doing, although with so much transformation happening in the business they are also trying to keep up with the changes.

At least I have found the biscuits, and soft drinks. I have even surprised myself and been eating a lot of apples again. The cabin boy does a good job keeping the place in ship shape state and regularly tops up my supply of water bottles.

Camp boss is on the ball as well, and only wants to keep the boss happy!

Food is pretty good here, good selection at lunch and dinner. Don't really do breakfast as I'm not ready to eat at that time of day. One thing I do miss is the bacon rolls and toast at 9am on the Beryl Bravo!

Anyway, slowly getting to grips with all the systems and processes. Certainly different have multiple platforms and bridges between them. Makes for a pleasant walk.

I'm sure the trip will be over before I know it.


  1. You need to get them to get Turkey Rashers! Cabin "BOY" what age do they employ them out there?


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