Quiet Traffic, Villas, More Apple and Survivals

Traffic was unusually quiet this morning on the way to work. Everything was moving relatively smoothly compared to previous days.I though this was maybe just a one off event, until it was time to go home, it took only about 20-25 minutes tops. Sure it will be back to chaos tomorrow.

Took take receipt of my company provided iPad, for those who know me, you will understand the pain I must be feeling!

Trying to get my passes and required tickets all in place so I can get offshore. On the good news, my UK FOET is accepted, so won't need to do a local survival, that just leaves me to get my H2S ticket, so waiting for the dates to come back for that. The QP Pass is also required to get offshore and will also need a new Vantage card as the system here is independent of the UK Vantage system.

Tomorrow, heading off for the eyetest for the driving license and that should allow me to get my UK driving license transferred to a local Qatar one.

On the villa front, had a face to face with the housing manager at work and confirmed with him my selection. they will be getting the place made ready tomorrow and will be able to get the keys towards the end of the week or early next week. Then I'll be able to go in and work out exactly what I'm going to do with the place and what I need to get done before my shipment arrives late April.

I even bought a 5M tape today from the supermarket to measure the rooms etc!

Another good day.......


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